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Are you looking for temporary employees? Are you wasting to much time to find a proper employee? We will save your time by reaching the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

Hiring the temporary employees brings measurable benefits to the employer:

Flexible employment management
•    You can adapt size of staff employed in your company to seasonal changes of market demand
•    You can hire employees on the temporary employment contract basis
•    You have opportunity to verify in practice qualifications and abilities of an employee before making decision about this person employment – Try & Hire service
•    You have opportunity to replace employees that are not meeting your requirements with more proper ones
•    Reduction of employment in your company – it is replaced with outsourcing

Financial flexibility
•    Possibility to match your company expenses with current employment demand
•    Optimization of administrative costs – temporary employment agency takes over the whole recruitment process and all the HR & Payroll administration cost
•    Partial reduction of your company overheads
•    Savings effected by labour law regulations more favourable for the temporary employment agency e. shorter notice period, no package pay etc.

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