We present a description of several key clients and examples of our advisory projects that we have realised.

HR and payroll services for an international company specialising in the production and sale of clothes.

  • dispersed structure of points of sale
  • high employee turnover
  • variety of motivational components


  • reduction of administrative costs
  • support in the field of Polish legal regulations
  • support in the selection of employees
  • reduced employee turnover

HR and payroll services for restaurant chains in Poland

  • employment of about 400 people in 30 locations
  • problems with accounting working time
  • elaborate remuneration and reporting system


  • reduction of administrative costs
  • reduction of errors in the payroll calculation
  • increasing the punctuality of payments
  • introduction of an integrated working time accounting system

HR and payroll service of one of the largest in Poland Investment Fund Associations

  • multi-stage system for controlling the accuracy of HR and payroll data
  • a large variety of payroll components
  • an extensive employee evaluation system related to the payroll system
  • complex reporting system


  • reduction of administrative costs
  • meeting the Client’s specific requirements regarding the confidentiality of sensitive data.

HR and payroll services for a large catering company

  • employment of about 1200 people
  • dispersed structure of employment
  • elaborate and very complex remuneration and reporting system
  • Time-consuming accounting for working time


  • reduction of administrative costs by 90%
  • confidentiality of sensitive data
  • punctuality of payroll payment

Audit of HR documentation of one of the insurance companies

  • analysis of personal dossiers of the company’s employees with regard to the applicable regulations and practical solutions applied
  • proposals for changes and additions to HR documentation

Design of ZUS documentation organisation for a hypermarket chain

  • corrections of ZUS declarations for the period of 5 consecutive years for about 10,000 employees in the scope of:
    - irregularities in insurance codes, dates of employment, addresses, names and amounts of premiums
    - lack of continuity in IT documentation and systems
  • project completed with full documentation coordination